Job Description

CROVAN​​MEDIA is looking for a talented editor that can quickly understand and adapt to the brand voice of our clients. You should be a committed team player and an insatiable learner, ready to expand your knowledge on the fly. Make no mistake, you will be a key member of the team, working with senior management and account managers to drive strategy across client accounts while making sure our content is best in class.

We’ll expect you to flex your sharply honed skills on our print and digital copy to correct mistakes and style issues. You will also stretch your creative muscles by editing articles and participating in writing from time to time. And you will work to improve processes and help editorial team members improve so that overtime they require less editing and oversight individually as we grow.

The team you’re joining creates editorial and digital content for companies around the world. We’re focused on improving our client’s businesses, and this means making content that engages and compels their prospective customers to action. Our clients operate across financial services, real estate, investing, alternative medicine, education, and many more industries, so no two days are going to be the same.


This role includes a few different hats. And you need to look damn-good in all of them.Here’s what you’ll be doing in the role:

Editorial Responsibilities

  • Proofread and edit articles for client sites, articles for posting on third party platforms, distribution emails, and promotional emails for syntax, proper punctuation, grammatical errors, spelling errors, and typos
  • Ensure articles are well written and logically structured, i.e. ensure clarity, accuracy, and flow in a story’s content
  • Fact check references cited in articles for accuracy of citation and for faithfulness to statements or data drawn from references by our writers
  • Assist in keeping track of Client product style requirements by maintaining a style sheet that can be used by the rest of the team

Other Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate ability to set priorities while handling multiple projects
  • Project professional, positive attitude toward all Agency members and Clients
  • Remain calm in high pressure situations
  • Strive to develop in-depth knowledge of assigned product brands


  • Bachelor’s degree or 2-3 years of equivalent street cred
  • Fluent in English, spoken & written
  • 2-3 years experience editing in a fast paced environment
  • Demonstrated digital, social media, and email marketing experience


We operate primarily as a remote team from all corners of the globe. We’re not too worried about where you live or spend your time, so long as the work gets done to the high standards we expect!

How to apply?

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